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Pointe shoes GAYNOR MINDEN CL 4SDH (suede tip)
0 Gaynor Minden (USA)
Gaynor Minden (USA)

Pointe shoes GAYNOR MINDEN CL 4SDH (suede tip)




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Pink, top material is sateen. Pointe shoes are made of high-tech foam Poron, which is an impact absorber and absorbs sound. Materials whereof pointe shoes are made, do not break and do not stretch. Insole stiffness: will not change with time, no matter how much you are in shoe. You need to determine the necessary flexibility of pointe shoes while they are new. Do not soak them in water, alcohol, or other liquid; do not break them. Do not use the old methods to pointe shoes softening, they will not affect the Gaynor Minden pointe shoes, but only spoil the appearance. Too tight pointe shoes can perform the functions that your muscles should do. In contrast to usual pointe shoes which lose its stiffness in course of time, pointe shoes Gaynor Minden preserve its original stiffness forever. Box: just like the insole, the box will not soften or deform. You shouldn’t use additional fixings; they can damage soft pads inside the box. Do not use mastic for flooring or other means, never warm them in the oven. Box is attached, so an alteration or reduction is not required. Never separate satin from box - it will defect it. Box will last longer if you minimize use of rosin
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